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Customer Feedback

“My Class B well serves four households. The well’s pump was installed in 1974. It was predicted to last for 20 years. For some reason it lasted 41 years. It needed to be replaced. After looking high and low, we got lucky. We found Art Doughty of Mykol Pump and Drilling, Inc.  When Art Doughty pulled the old pump out, he said it was in bad shape and couldn’t have lasted much longer. We got it replaced just in time.  Better than that, Art was a real pleasure to work with. His estimate was very thorough. I thought the pump needed to be replaced. But the estimate included all the things that Art, the well pro, thought should be replaced. Now we don’t just have a new pump. We practically have a whole new well system. Now we just have to pay for it. 

Because of our 1985 well contract, the costs to repair the well will be divided between the four households. Since Art’s small company doesn’t have a billing department, he preferred one check for the total. But he accepted my cleaner solution: Four Cashier’s Checks in one envelope. He got the work done in one day. So we were out of water for just one day.  There were snags along the way of course. What major repair doesn’t have a few speed bumps? But they were all easily resolved. If you have a grading system, I’d give Art Doughty of Mykol Pump and Drilling, Inc. an A+” – Connie M.

“Best of the best.  Art installed a total water system into my existing home, from well to water softener, he has been super responsive to all my questions and expert on answering my requests. Great quality work, extremely knowledgeable, goes above and beyond, always a bargain at the fair price he has charged. Very professional, and clearly takes pride in his work and serving his customers and community and neighbors.” – Joe O.

Frequently Asked Questions – By Public Health Social Services
How do I find out who takes care of the public water system that serves my house? If you know the name of the water system, you can find that information by searching the DOH public water system database. Or you can contact the Health Dept at 360-867-2673.

Does it Matter Where I drill My Well?
Yes, you should locate the well at least 50 feet from your septic tank; 100 feet from the edge of an on-site sewage system absorption field, and 50 feet from a sewer line.
The Best Well Drillers In Thurston County WA Are The Ones Verified As Safe To Hire

Water well drillers in Thurston County Washington bearing The Prime Buyer’s Report TOP 10 symbol are the well contractors who have met a higher standard than the minimum state standard. They are those proven by our independent research to have met the TOP 10 requirements for ability and value, carry liability insurance as protection for you the customer, who use only employees legal to work in the U.S., and for whom our staff has called previous customers to verify high satisfaction with them for new well drilling in Thurston County WA including well maintenance, well repair, or well pump installers. Visit the Prime Buyers Report for more information on hiring safe well drillers.